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Orders & Warranty

Where can I buy W products?
Our products are available on the official site: www.w-collections.com / www.w-collections.cn & WeChat store (id W-Collections) and from our approved list of partners found on our website.

Has my order been processed?
We will inform you via the email you provided during your order. The delivery address will correspond to the details you have given us, which is also included in the email confirmation of your order.

I would like to get the detailed instruction manual, how can I get it ?
Please go to w-collections.com / w-collections.cn & WeChat store (id W-Collections) for a PDF copy of our instructions manuals.

How to activate my product warranty?
When you buy your product from an authorized retailer, you will find a serial number on the front bottom face of the Maru when you remove the textile cover. There are also instructions on the instructions manual on how to locate your serial number on your Maru. Register this serial number on our website by following this link: www.w-collections.com/register

What is the duration of the warranty and what is covered?
W provides a 2 years warranty against all manufacturing faults and hidden defects, and a 1 year warranty for the battery.

Is the textile dust cover of my Marū covered by the warranty?
Friction or rubbing damages on the fabric will not be covered by the warranty. 
We use high quality furniture grade fabrics from Denmark made to last. The dust covers can also be bought separately here. (link toward covers)

How can I obtain technical assistance for my speaker?
To obtain technical assistance, please contact our customer service at support@w-collections.com. Our team will help you setup your speaker and resolve all technical and functional problems.

How can I repair my speaker?
1. Please send an email to support@w-collections.com and explain the issue with your speaker.

2. Our support team will provide you with additional details and detailed instructions.

3. When your parcel is received by our repair center, you will be sent a confirmation email.
Please note that products returned without physical protection or badly protected will be under the responsibility of the client.

Please contact us if you have any uncertainties at support@w-collections.com


Shipping & Returns

How long will my order take to be delivered?
Depending on the country of destination, the parcel will be delivered within 3 to 7 working days. If the delay is more than 7 days we will inform the client by email in advance.

What happens if I am not at home or can't be at home at the time of delivery?
In case of absence at the delivery time, a delivery notice will be left and it is the client responsibility to arrange collection of the parcel at the location indicated. If the deadline is passed, the products will be returned to W and it will be the client responsibility to get in touch with our customer services at support@w-collections.com to organize another delivery at the client cost.

How can I make an exchange or get a reimbursement for a W product ordered on www.w-collections.com website?
We accept returns and exchanges within 7 days following the delivery of orders. Returned products must be in good conditions and in their original packaging. Please contact us at support@w-collections.com if you have any questions.
Return shipping cost is at client cost, we will reimburse the invoiced amount within thirty (30) days of receipt of the product.

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