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About W


W is a new hybrid design/audio brand with cultural sensibility, an icon representing the break with convention and the evolution to a pure listening experience. W wants to positively impact people’s lives and environments with our designs. By using a humanistic approach, W lets the technology of today support, not inhibit our lifestyle.
W breaks away from the audio industry standard fares of tech heavy, confusing, and soul less designs that are devaluing the dynamic and emotive sphere of music. W take us onto a journey that uplift our tastes and desires by offering designs that are minimalistic, instinctive and beautiful to all our senses.
With a forward-thinking, distinctive round style combined with an innate understanding of details, design and quality, W beats
the status quo of black, cold and passionless. We are humans, connected to each other and a whole planet of music lovers.
We live to soak up the excellence the world has to offer and share our experiences widely. W products stand out beautifully in
our homes or as an element of unique style wherever we go. It defines our passion for music and design.
Music should look the way it makes us feel: warm, inspired, individual, sharing and closer to the world. It is time we
take a humanistic approach, bringing design and imagination into the arena of sound and its objects.


About W
About W